Company Setup

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the company set up options. 
AlignBooks is designed with lot of user defined extra utilities which you may need in your one company but may not need in other. This feature of AlignBooks gives you the facility to customaries your Documents and Reports and to make your working simple, you can set as what you need and what do not.
When you click on “Company Setup” the screen which appears looks like;
For the ease of understanding, the company set up is tabulated in seven parts.
1.     Basic
2.     General Setup
3.     Sales Setup
4.     Purchase Setup
5.     Inventory
6.     Finance
7.     Integration      
By default, the system will display the Basic setup option. You can switch over to any setup option by clicking the respective tab on the left hand side panel. 
Now we will explore each option one by one.