Integration - ICICI BANK

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the ICICI Integration set up options.
Under this setup you can define and set your preferences and requirements related to Integrate your Bank Ledger directly to ICICI Bank Account.  
AlignBooks has partnered with ICICI Bank to provides seamless and secured platform to manage and operate your Banking.
Let's understand how to integrate you ICICI bank current account with Alignbooks in simple steps; 
From Dashboard, On right hand top corner Click on button then select to open the Company Setup. Select Integration Menu
From Dashboard, Click "Banking" button, System will open the Quick Banking screen, here Click on Icon to open the Integration page.
Integrate Bank screen will look like this;
Click on the "Register Now" Button to proceed to complete the registration process, the window will appear like this;
Integration - ICICI BANK

Select Bank Ledger

1. Select Bank Ledger : Select the bank from the Drop down list which you want to integrate with ICICI Bank. If the required Bank Ledger does not exist in the list, you can create a new Bank Ledger by clicking on Icon or option within the dropdown menu.


2. ICICI User ID : Enter the User Id of your ICICI Back current account provided by the ICICI Bank.
Click On "OK" Button, System will check any existing integration for this User ID. If exists then system will display the status below.

Corporate ID

3. Corporate ID: Enter the Corporate Id of your ICICI Back current account provided by the ICICI Bank.

Alias ID

4. Alias ID: Enter the Alias Id for your account, if provided by the ICICI Bank.

Terms & Conditions

5. Terms & Conditions : Enable this check box to accept the Terms & Conditions.


6. Status : Click on this button to register your request to integrate you bank account.
A request will be generated to integrate your account in AlignBooks with ICICI bank and New Page will be open and redirected to ICICI Bank CIB Portal to login into your account to approve the Integration process.
  • After login to ICICI bank Portal, Go to "Connected Banking Approval" from Portal Dashboard, here you will find the pending Aggregator  request for "Alignbooks". Select "Alignbooks" and click on Approve Button.
  • Preview the Request and Enter the One Time Password (OTP) received for approval and Click “Confirm” to complete the process.


7. Cancel : Click on this button to clear all values.

Deregister / De-link Integration

8. Deregister / De-link Integration  : If you do not want to continue with direct integration with ICICI bank, you can click this button to disintegrate your bank account from ICICI Bank. You can again integrate your bank account if you wish to with the same process mentioned above

Open New Bank Account

9. Open New Bank Account : If you do not have an ICICI Bank Current Account, Click on this button.
Fill the details and click checkbox and Submit. The page will redirect to ICICI Bank CIB Account opening page to complete the account opening process.


10. Exit : Click on this button to exit the form.
You have successfully integrated your ICICI bank accounts with Alignbooks.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!