Login Page

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we aim to facilitate your understanding of the AlignBooks Login process. visit our website www.alignbooks.com.
When you click on the  in main web page you will find three options:
·     AlignBooks online application users can Login through option
·     AlignBooks partners can Login through option
·     AlignBooks Customer/Vendor (Self Service) can Login through option
Once you select your login option you will be directed to the following Login screen;
Login Page
11. Enter your Email or User ID. Your Email ID submitted in Registration form can be used as your Login ID.
22. Enter your login password.
3If you want the system to remember your Login Id and Password for your net login, click on 3. .
4 Select your preferred language from the dropdown. By Default Selected language will be 4. if you enable remember option then it will consider the selected as preferred langauge.
5 Click on 5.  to start your work.
66. If you want to go through AlignBooks License Agreement, click here.
77. If you do not remember your login password, click here. The system will assist you in resetting your password. When you will click here, the system will ask your Login ID and after submitting a valid ID, the system will send an OTP at your registered Email. Once you submit the OTP, you will be allowed to enter a new password.
88. If you are a new user, you would need to click on create an account option and fill in your relevant details as a user or a partner. Click here “Registration” to know more about how to register.
99. Click here to read AlignBooks Privacy policy.
1010. Click here to read AlignBooks Security policy.
Immediately upon log-in you will reach the Informative and Interactive Dashboard which is the landing page for you to explore options.
We wish you the best of experience with AlignBooks. Happy Aligning!