Merge Master

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the “Merge Master” option.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Merge Master and the usage of this particular activity.
If you are running a business with multiple user activity, there are times when accidentally user create duplicate master for same type which already exists in Alignbooks, or you want merge records of one master to a different master. This option helps to merge the masters and update records accordingly. You can merge only masters of same master type.
Note: Use this option very cautiously as there will be no Rollback after you save.
For Example, there are two HSN Codes opened in GST Classification which are of same nature but different names.
1.     402
2.     0402
Here correct HSN code is 0402, so you want to merge records of master : 402 in to master : 0402
To merge data select Master Type : GST Classification (HSN Code)
Master to be Removed   : 402
Data To merge in          : 0402
You can perform the set of information with required authorization. 
We will be going through the each of these set of information in detail.
Merge Master

Master Type

Select the relevant master type option from the drop down list, you can search the master type and select from the popup window.

Master to be Removed

Select the relevant master from the list of master which you want to merge with another master. All records of this selected master will be transferred, and this master will be deleted.

Data To merge In

Select the relevant master from the list of master in which you want to merge the data from the above selected master.
Save : Click on  to Save the values.
Exit :   Click   button to exit the form without updating any values.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!