Miscellaneous Master

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the “Miscellaneous Master” option.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Miscellaneous Master and the usage of this particular activity.
All common masters are displayed under this option.
You can also edit and delete an already created set of information with required authorization.
The key functions of a Miscellaneous Master are:
·     Creation of a New master;
·     Modification of an existing master;
·     Deletion of an existing master.
We will be going through the each of these set of Master in detail.
If you are in Configuration Menu   you need to select  and the screen which appears looks like this;
Miscellaneous Master

Select Master Type

Select the relevant master type from the drop down list and click 1. Select Master Typeif you want to create, edit or delete master of specific type of Master.

Create New Master

You can see option 2. Create New Master Click button to create new master of the Master Type of the row selected. Click on this option and you will be directed to the relevant account creation screen.
For Example. Create new Item Category the form will open like this;
Let us input the new Item Category details:
Code : Code is auto generated by Alignbooks.
Name : Here specify the name of Item category.
Save : Click on  to Save the values.
Delete : This button will highlight only when you edit the master. Click on  to delete the master.
Click on to Exit from the New Master Form.
We are now back to the main screen for the Miscellaneous Master.
If you wish to edit/delete the already visible Account data in the list you can do so, please follow the following steps:

Edit Master

Click on 3. Edit Master to edit the master of the Master type of the row selected.

Delete Master

Click on 4. Delete Master to delete the master of the Master type of the row selected.
Similarly, you can perform the same actions for other type of common masters also.
Click on  to Exit from the Miscellaneous master.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!