Panel - Attribute (Finance)

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the Attribute Panel for Ledger utility. 
For the ease of entry in the detail grid, this window automatically open for easily select or enter the details without scrolling through the detail table and searching for each column.
Let’s now understand how to enter the details in simple steps:
Panel - Attribute (Finance)


1. Party : If ledger selected by you is Customer / vendor control ledger, select a customer/vendor from the drop down menu.
This field will be available only when ledger selected is Account Receivable / Account Payable Nature.


2. Amount: Enter the amount to be Debited / Credited. If the payment is received / made in foreign currency , enter the amount in that currency only without converting it in local currency. For example if you have paid $ 41625, you should enter 41625.
This field will be available only when Multi Currency - "ON" in General Setup.

Amount (Base Currency)

3. Amount (Base Currency) : Here is displayed the amount converted into Local currency. System will calculate the Amount in LC automatically i.e. with the Amount in FC x conversion rate.

Debit / Credit

4. Debit / Credit: Select from drop down Dr. or Cr. i.e. the selected ledger is to be debited or credited. The counter effect will automatically be given to Cash/Bank ledger selected above.

Finance Attributes

5. Finance Attributes: Select an Attribute from the drop down list. If the required Attribute does not exist in the list, you are able to create a new one by clicking on   Icon or  option within the dropdown menu and input a name. (Attribute having Type "Self List" or "None" can be created) 
These fields are available only if you have selected to use attributes in General Ledgers (Attributes).
The field will be active only if a attribute is linked with the ledger selected by you.

Bank Reference

6. Bank Reference : Enter the issuing party bank reference, if applicable.

Cheque No

7. Cheque No: Enter the cheque No., if applicable

Cheque Date

8. Cheque Date: Enter the cheque Date, if applicable


9. Beneficiary:Enter the beneficiary name, if applicable.


10. Remarks: If you wish to put any remark against this transaction, enter here.


11. OK : Click on this button to accept the values.


12. Exit : Click on this button to close the form and changes will be accepted.
After this window is closed the field values will be transferred to the detail table in their respective columns.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!