Sub Item Master

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the Sub Item Masters creation options. 
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Sub Item Masters and the usage of this particular activity.
In addition to details of item/products, “Sub Item” is used to record the as subordinate property of item. For Example : In Mobile Industry, Smart Phones like iPhone comes with a variety of colours and stock movement need be maintained for iPhone Black / iPhone Silver then instead of creating different Items like iPhone (Black) or iPhone (Silver). You can create only one Item i.e. iPhone and Sub Item like Black/Silver etc. under the iPhone Item.
Stock reports will be available for Sub Item wise stock & Item wise stock. You can also enable Sub item wise Stock checking at the time of creating vouchers. To Enable the property Go to Configuration >> Company Setup >> Inventory >> under head Item Extended Properties, Enable this option “Sub Item Wise Stock Checking”. 
The key functions of a Sub Item Masters Module are:
·     Creation of a New Sub Item profile;
·     Modification of an existing Sub Item profile;
·     Deletion of an existing Sub Item profile.
We will be going through the each of these set of information in detail.
If you are in Inventory Drop Down you need to select  and the screen which appears looks like this;
New Sub Item Master
You can see the  option at top right of the screen. Click on this option and you will be directed to the relevant Sub Item creation screen.
Sub Item Master
Here you will have basic section where all the required data pertaining to a new item can be captured.


1. Name: Enter the Sub Item Name by which you identify it better.  


2. Code: This is generally a system generated code.

Under Item

3. Under Item: Select a Item from drop down list under which you want to group this item for reporting. If the required Item does not exist in the list, you can create a new item by clicking on    Icon or  option within the dropdown menu.

Sub Item Master Attribute

4. Sub Item Master Attribute: If you have selected any Sub Item Master Attribute at the time of Inventory Setup - Sub Item Master Attribute, that number (maximum 5 fields) of Sub Item Attribute would be visible and you can enter the relevant details against those fields.  Here one thing to remember that if you have opted “Allow Blank – No”  against any of the Sub Item Attribute field in set-up then while creating Item master you have to provide the information under that Sub Item Master Attribute Field  or to say you cannot keep that field blank.


5. Save : Click on the button to save the document prepared by you.


6. Delete : Click on the button to delete any existing document.

Import Voucher (Excel File)

7. Import Voucher (Excel File) : Click on this button to Import Data and select a file from which Data is to be imported. Click here “Import Utility”, to know more about this utility.
Click on  to Exit from the New Sub Item Master Form.
We are now back to the main screen for the Sub Item Master.
If you wish to edit/delete the already visible Account data in the list you can do so, please follow the following steps:
Edit: If you wish to Edit an item detail, click on . The Item details will be opened in edit mode, you can make the required changes and click on  to save the changes made by you. If you think that this record is no more required, you can delete the record by clicking on .
Delete : If you wish to delete an sub item profile, Click on  and confirm the deletion. It is advisable not to delete an sub Item profile.
Refresh : Click on to refresh the list with the changes made by you.
Export : Click on  to Export the data as visible in the list to an Excel Sheet.
Search : Type a text to search a particular record.
Sort : If you want to sort data on a particular field, click on the label of that field, your data will be sorted on that field. You can reverse the order of sorting by just Double click on the label of that particular field.
Click on  to Exit from the Sub Item Master.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!