Time Sheet Based Billing

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the Time Sheet Based Billing preparation options.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Time Sheet Based Billing and the relevance of this particular activity.
Time Sheet based billing is tool to generate Sales Invoice based on the input provided in Time sheet for total hours spend by an employee on an activity for a customer in a month. Alignbooks will generate the summary for the month for each Customer, Total No of Hours to ascertain the billing details.
Time Sheet Based Billing is created under Module in AlignBooks.
The key functions of Time Sheet Based Billing are:
·     Generate New Invoice for the month,
Time Sheet Based Billing
Let’s now understand how to create a new Sales Invoice from Time Sheet Based Billing in simple steps;


1. Month: Select the Month from the drop down list for which month you want to get Time Sheet Report.


2. Year: Select the Year from the drop down for which you want to get Time Sheet Data.

Location / Branch

3. Location / Branch Under this field, You can select the location in which the Invoice will be created, if you are handling Multi Locations.
System will ask for this information only if you have configured Multi Locations - "ON” under General Setup and System will fill the default Location if you have configured the Default Location under Data Access Rights. 
If your desired Location does not exist in the menu, you can create a New Location by clicking on  option within the dropdown menu. You can also Edit or Delete a Location from Here. Select a Location to be edited / deleted and then click on . The Location will be opened in Edit mode and you can edit it and save by click on  . You can delete it by click on 

OK Button

4. OK Button : Click on the button to fetch the time sheet data for the selected Month.
System will fetch the time sheet data for the selected month and year and compute the data based on the Employee billing Item and Total Number of hours working for the Customer. 
Note: If the Item name is not displayed in data, please check and map the Employee Billing Item in Employee Master. 
Data Summary will be displayed in table below , lets understand the column details.

Customer Name

5. Customer Name : Here Summary will be displayed for each Customer.

Item Name

6. Item Name : Here List of Items will be displayed based on the Service Item mapped in Billing Item in Employee Master and Time Sheet Data of Employee for the Month.

Total Hours

7. Total Hours : Here Summary of Hours spend for the Customer and Service Item will be displayed.


8. Rate : System will display the Sales Rate mentioned in the Service Item master.

Tax Code

9. Tax Code : System Will fetch the Tax Code Applicable for the Service item based on the HSN Tagged in Item Master.

Tax Rate

10. Tax Rate : System Will fetch the Tax Rate Applicable.

Tax Amount

11. Tax Amount : System will calculate the tax Amount based on Amount and Tax Rate.

Generated Invoice Number

12. Generated Invoice Number : System will display the Already generate Invoice Number for this Customer and for this month.

Generate Invoice

13. Generate Invoice : Click on this button to Generate the Sales Invoice with the details mentioned in Summary for this Customer.
You have to click this button for each Customer to generate Invoice for that Customer.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!