Touch POS

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the customer Touch POS Invoice preparation options.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Touch POS Invoice and the relevance of this particular activity. 
Touch POS is a tool designed to enhance the POS billing for any business where fast billing is required. Touch POS feature enable user to use touch screen of device to select the items easily and making billing process easier.
You can create a under Module of AlignBooks.
Touch POS
Let’s now understand how to create a new Touch POS Invoice in simple steps :
You have to prepare a new Invoice and enter fresh data for each time;
Let’s enter the fresh set of data for the first time;

Voucher Number

1. Voucher Number : System will generate voucher number based on the Voucher Numbering configuration, if you have opted to “maintain auto prefix” and “maintain auto numbering”.

Counter Name

2. Counter Name : System Will display the Name of Counter here. You have to set your default counter from Data Access Rights option, to set the default counter Go to Configuration >> Data Access Rights >> Select User Name >> under head “Default counter” select the counter name from the drop down list and click save. Click here “Data Access Rights”,  to know more about this utility

Voucher Date

3. Voucher Date : By default, the system will take the current date.


4. Customer : Search customer based on Name / Mobile / Email or Select a customer from the drop down list for whom you are preparing Invoice. If the search value does not match with customer data a screen will appear to confirm the addition of new customers, click “Yes” to create a new customer. On POS Customer screen,  input the details in Name and Phone which are required fields, and click button to save customer.

Customer Info

 System will display the Customer Name and Phone number. 

Select Item from List

 Select the item from the dropdown list to add to cart.

Click on Item Name

Click / Touch / Tap the screen to select the item to add to cart.
You can configure the Item selection process to Group Level, which enables you to select Item group and then choose items of that particular group. To know how to enable this feature click Here.  


8. Discard : Before clicking this option make sure that the data entered is no more required by you; the moment you click on this option the system will erase all the data of this voucher and give you an empty screen to enter fresh data.


9. Hold : While creating an invoice after adding a few items, If the customer request time to select some more items to add to his purchase, click on the button to hold this bill. When you put a bill on hold, details of bill information will be saved with document status “hold” and now you can continue to create the next invoice for other customers to avoid the waiting que.


10. Recall : Click on this button to recall the hold vouchers a screen will appear with the list of vouchers with “Hold” status, select the particular voucher you wish to recall.


 Here all selected items will display with Sales Price, Tax Amount, Amount and Quantity. Here You can change the quantity of item as desired. Click on button to remove the item from the cart.

Sub Total

12. Sub Total: System will calculate the Total Item Sales Value, based on the data entered in the system during the creation of Invoice.
13. : This represents the total Tax Amount for all the items, auto calculated for the Items mentioned in the Cart.
14. : You can enter relevant value for discount.
15. : This represents the Total Invoice Amount. Caption also display the Total Item count and Round Off, if applicable.
16. : Click on this button to move to payment screen.
The payment screen will look like this;
Sale Summary :  Bill Summary with all details entered on previous screen are displayed. From here, you can also change the quantity or remove an item.
If you wish to add any new item to this detail click on to go back to previous menu.
Pay Mode : Select the checkbox against relevant tender from which amount is received.
Pending Amount:  Here amount pending to be paid will be displayed.
Net Amount : System will fill the Pending amount.
Card Type : Select the Credit Card type from the drop down list from which you have received the payment. (Field visible only in Tender having type : Credit Card) 
Card No : Here Enter the Card No. (Field visible only in Tender having type : Credit Card)
Valid Up To :  Here Enter the Valid Up To date of Card. (Field visible only in Tender having type : Credit Card)
Approval Code : Here Enter the Approval code received from the Bank. (Field visible only in Tender having type : Credit Card / PayTM)
when you have entered the payment details. proceed to save the voucher and select any option as desired.
Save : Click on to save the document prepared by you.
Print Receipt : Click on  to save the document and print the document prepared by you.
Email Receipt : If you want to save the document and send an Email, Click on .
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!