Bill Of Material

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the “Bill of Material” set up options.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Bill of Material and the usage of this particular activity.
In Bill of Material we setup details of various raw materials consumption for each item to be manufactured with predefined consumption ratio. This is normally a one-time process at the time of new bill of material addition for a item to be manufactured and this library of data is extensively used to capture and account for consumption of raw materials when you create a production.
You can also edit and delete an already created set of information with required authorisation.
The key functions of a Bill of Material Module are:
We will be going through the each of these set of information in detail.
New Bill of Material Creation–
If you are in Production Drop Down you need to select and the screen which appears looks like this;
You can see the   option at top right of the screen. Click on this option and you will  be directed to the relevant Bill of Material creation screen.
Bill Of Material
Let us input data to create a new Bill of Material.
1Description  : Enter a description for your identification.
2Finished Item : Select an item to be manufactured from the drop down menu.
3Base Quantity : Enter the Base quantity of the finished goods on the basis of which you are going to define the raw material consumption
4Pull From : This field is used to import data from the parent document. Upon selection,a list of parent documents will be on display. If there is no parent document linked, this option will be shown as “Disabled”
5Lookup : This option will work like a Bar Code. If you enter an item Code, the system Pick-up the relevant details automatically.
So far we have entered the relevant details to clearly identify the Bill of Material and the Product to be manufactured. We will now enter the raw             material items details to generate a Bill of Material;
: Click here to add a Row to the table.
: Click here to delete a row from the table.
Item Code  : Select, from the dropdown menu, an Item code of raw material to be consumed.
Description : System will fill the description details automatically from Item  Master.
Pack Unit : System will fill the pack unit details automatically from Item Master. This field is available only if you have configured Separate Packing Unit – “ON” in Company Setup_>Inventory->Basic.
Pack Quantity : Enter the pack consumption quantity here. This field is available only if you have configured Separate Packing Unit – “ON” in Company Setup_>Inventory->Basic.
Unit : System will fill the unit details automatically from Item Master.
Quantity : Enter the consumption quantity here.    
Rate :  System will auto calculate and pick the rate the rate of item based on your stock valuation method.
Amount : System will calculate the Amount automatically 
User Defined Item Attributes 1-5 : Select an item attribute applicable to this item. This field is available only if you have configured Item attributes in Company Setup->Inventory->Item Attributes-Required
6Click on to save the values
7 : Before clicking this option make sure that the data entered is no more required by you; the moment you click on this option the system will erase all the data and give you an empty screen to enter fresh data.
8Click on to Exit from the New Bill of Material.
We are now back to the main screen for the Bill of Material.
Edit : If you wish to Edit Bill Of Materiall, click on . The Bill of Material will be opened in edit mode, you can make the required changes and click on to save the changes made by you. If you think that this record is no more required, you can delete the record by clicking on .
Delete : If you wish to delete a Bill of Material data, Click on and confirm the deletion.
Export : Click on to Export the data as visible in the list to an Excel Sheet.
Search : Type a text to search a particular record.
Group :  If you want to Group your display  on any particular field, hold that field and drag a little up outside the Grid, your display will be grouped on that field. To remove the groupings drag the field back into the Grid column.
Sort : If you want to sort data on a particular field, click on the label of that field, your data will be sorted on that field. You can reverse the order of sorting by just Double click on the label of that particular field.
Click on to Exit from the Bill of Material.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!
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