Material Receipt

Welcome to AlignBooks. We are happy to have you on board. In this help studio tutorial, we will explore the “Material Receipt” memo preparation options.
Before we begin, let us understand about the need of Material Receipt Memo Entry and the relevance of this particular activity.
Sometimes, you may receive some materials back out of the material issued earlier for internal consumption, Sampling or testing purpose etc. which needs to be reflected in you Inventory records. Therefore, you can enter these transactions through this module. 
You can create “Material Receipt” memo under Inventory Module of AlignBooks.
The key functions of Material Receipt Memo Module are:
Material Receipt
AlignBooks provide you the facility to configure your Material Receipt documents with respect to choice of maintaining multiple series of documents, choice of sending Email and SMS on creation/edit/approval of the document and for Approval System setting etc.
Click on “Configuration” to configure this document. Click here  “How to Configure a Document”,  to know more about this utility.
Let’s now understand how to create a New Material Receipt in simple steps.
You have three ways to prepare a Material Receipt Memo;
Let’s enter the fresh set of data for the first time;
1Location: If you are handling multi locations, select the required location from the dropdown menu. This field is available only if you have configured “Multi location “ON” in configuration ->Company Setup->General Setup”.If your desired Location does not exist in the menu, you can           create a New Location by clicking on option within the dropdown menu. You can also Edit or Delete a Location from Here. Select a Location to           be edited/deleted and then click on . The Location will be opened in Edit mode and you can edit it and save by click on . You can delete           it by click on .  .  
2Category:  If you are classifying your document in different categories, select the applicable category from the drop down menu. This field is available only if you have configured “Document Classification - ON” in Configuration ->Company Setup->Inventory->Basic. You can Add, Edit or           Delete a Category by following the process described under Location Tab.
3Ware House: If you have multi ware houses, select the required ware house from the drop downmenu. This field is available only if you have configured “Warehouse “ON” in configuration ->Company Setup->Inventory->Basic”.
4Receipt Date:     Enter the Material Receipt Memo date which you wish to reflect in the document. By default, the system will take the current date. You can also pick a different date by just clicking on the calendar function.
5Receipt  No. –
Prefix :  While configuring your document, if you have opted to “maintain manual prefix”, select a prefix from the drop down list. If the required           prefix does not exist in the list, you are able to create a new one by clicking on  Icon or option within the dropdown menu and input a                name. 
          Number :  While configuring your document, if you have opted to “maintain manual numbering”, enter a document number here.
6Pull From : This field is used to import data from the parent document. Upon selection, a list of parent documents will be on display. If there is no parent document linked, this option will be shown as “Disabled"
7Lookup : This option will work like a Bar Code. If you enter an item Code, the system Pick-up the relevant details automatically.
So far we have entered the relevant details to clearly identify the Material Receipt. We will now enter the specific Item or Product details to generate a  Material Receipt Memo;
: Click here to add a Row to the table. You can also add a row by clicking on
: Click here to delete a row from the table.
Item Code   :  Select an Item code from the drop down list. Click on to add a new Item.
Description  :  System will fill the description details automatically from Item  Master.
Unit               :  System will fill the unit details automatically from Item Master.
Quantity       :  Enter the Item Quantity here.    
Rate              :   System will auto calculate and pick the rate of item based on your stock valuation method.
Amount        :    System will calculate the Amount automatically i.e. with the multiplication of Quantity x Rate.
Remark         :     If you wish to put any remark against an Item, enter here.
Item Balance     :     System will display the Stock in hand of this particular item.
The table is dynamic and many extra columns in the table would appear based on your Configuration in Company Setup. If you set up these fields, you will need to enter relevant values in columns created for each item Row.
The columns which will appear based on Configuration in Company Setup are:
Will appear if
Pack Unit    
Inventory -> Basic-> Separate Packing Unit – “ON”
Pack Qty
Inventory -> Basic-> Separate Packing Unit – “ON”
Item Serial No.
Inventory->Item Extended Property-> Item Serial no. Tracking– “ON”
Batch No.
Inventory->Item Extended Property->“Batch wise Inventory - “ON”
User Defined Item
Attributes 1-5
Inventory->Item Attributes-Required
8Remark : Input here any remark pertaining to the document.
9Attachment : Here you may upload any supporting documents, which can be used for the future reference. You can browse the location to attach the same.  Click on “X” to remove the attachment.
10User Defined Fields 1-5 : During the Inventory Setup (->Inventory Setup->Inventory Document Custom Fields) if you have selected user defined fields, these will appear with the caption provided by you for these extra fields. You may enter the relevant values/data in the applicable            field.
11Click on to save the document prepared by you.
12Click on to print the document prepared by you. Click here  “Print Utility”,  to know more about this utility.
13If you want to send a Email or SMS, Click on beside Mail and click on  Email or SMS.
14 : Before clicking this option make sure that the data entered is no more required by you; the moment you click on this option the system will erase all the data and give you an empty screen to enter fresh data.
15Import : Click on to Import Data and select a file from which Data is to be imported. Click here  “Import Utility”,  to know more about this utility.
16Schedule : If you want to create a schedule for this document, click on . Click here  “Schedule a Document”,  to know more about this utility.
You have completed  Material Receipt.
17Open : Click here to open an existing  Material receipt.Click here “Open a Document”,  to know more about this utility.
18Copy : Click here to copy the values from an existing Material Receipt. Click here  “Copy from a Document”,  to know more about this utility.
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Please give us a call for further help.  Happy Aligning!
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