It's good to ask questions,
keep them coming. More the merrier.

It's good to ask questions,
keep them coming. More the merrier.


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  • How to Start Accounting with AlignBooks
    Startting Alignbooks is very simple, just register on website by clicking of FreeTrial, fill

    • Register Alignbooks : You can register by clicking on Free Trial button on AlignBooks.Com, fill EmailID, Mobile No and Name and Click on Submit Button, you will receive email for verification – click on Confirm button on Email and you are ready to Login
    • Login AlignBooks by clicking on Login Button, enter your Username and password – You will be onboard to AlignBooks. When you Login first time , Getting Started guideline page will be opened automatically, you can explore video, go through different feature details. When you are done, click on Alignbook logo and dashboard will appear
    • Import Customer Master and Item Master through excel or create manually and you are ready to generate invoices
  • How much AligBooks cost to me
    AlignBooks have 2 Main model i.e. offline application and online – cloud application. If you want to go for offline application, you have to pay just one time cost based on single user or multi user. In case you opt for online , the cost is yearly subscription and AlignBooks provides you 3 option in subscription i.e. Basic, Premium and Ultima. For All price and difference between variants please click on Pricing Tab on AlignBooks
  • What is difference in Online and Offline
    AlignBooks Online is yearly subscription and you have to pay the subscription fee every year which is less than AMC charges of any software . You have several benefit in online (cloud) application i.e. a) You are not dependent on system and can operate from any system, any time and from anywhere by just opening browser b) You do not need to take care of data backup – the AlignBooks highly qualified team is taking care for backup of your data 24x7 with automated multiple backup plans.
  • Can I use desktop application even if I opt for cloud subscription
    Yes, desktop application is completely free for online subscription users and you can download desktop application from download section in AlignBooks.com. The biggest advantage is, you can even work when network is not available through offline mode and can sync your data to server whenever net is resumed
  • Can I work on Mobile
    Yes , AlignBooks provides you absolutely free mobile application (android based) in case you opt for online subscription. You can download mobile application from Google market Place and start using the same with same credentials. AlignBooks Mobile App provides you option to generate Invoice , create new customer , create Cash/Bank receipts and payments and view many reports and dashboard on your mobile.
  • Do I have to pay every year for Offline application
    No , offline application cost is one time cost and it will keep on working for lifetime. However if you want free version updating after one year , you need to pay nominal AMC charges.
  • How to Generate Invoice
    Generating Invoice is very simple, just 4 steps

    • Click on Sales  Invoice on main menu – Invoice form will be opened
    • Select Customer
    • Select Items
    • Click on Save if you do not want to print else click on print button , your invoice will be saved and printed
  • How GST is taken care in AlignBooks
    GST is completely Automated in AlignBooks, when you create items, input the HSN code of the Item, if HSN code is not yet created, create from there only, when you create HSN code , select Tax rate in the HSN code. Now when you generate sales invoice or purchase, system will automatically pick the HSN code and Tax rate. You already selected State in your company address and customer when you created customer master, system will automatically identify whether IGST will be applied or CGST/SGST will be applied based on state of your company/branch and customer state. GSTR3B, GSTR1 and GSTR2A reconciliation
  • How to generate eWayBill in AlignBooks
    Nothing extra need to be done in AlignBooks for eWayBill. When you have prepared the invoice, click on open button, select the invoice for which you want to generate eWayBill and click on Generate eWayBill Button and you will receive the eWayBill on your email.
  • How GSTR3B and GSTR1 is generated in AlignBooks
    When you prepare Invoice and book your purchases, GSTR3B and GSTR1 is automatically available in multiple formats. You can see GSTR3B/GSTR1 on screen in report section and verify data and then you can even submit your GSTR1 and GSTR3B directly on GSTN server by clicking on Submit to GSTN button provided on report or you can download Json file and submit it on GSTN server
  • How does AlignBooks provides GSTR2A reconciliation
    Since AlignBooks have direct access to GSTN server, GSTR2A reconciliation is readily available in AlignBooks, Just click on GSTR2A report and click on download from GSTN button and system will generate GSTR2A.
  • What about my data if I stop subscription after one year.
    AlignBooks is committed to retain your data till 5 years even if you stop subscription. You can login into AlignBooks up to 5 years and view/ print your transactions and reports however you will not be allowed to make any change if your subscription is expired. Also to secure your data at your own computer , AlignBooks provide you another option, just download desktop application and sync data to your desktop application from server and this way you will have all your data in running condition with you.
  • How my data will remain secured
    You data are completely secured on AlignBook server. We have complete automated backup plans in place along with disaster management system. In terms of data access, no one can access your data , even team AlignBooks, without your password
  • How AlignBooks is suitable for Pharma/Medicine Business
    AlignBooks provides you all specific requirements of pharma / medicine business like Batch No and Expiry management, MRP based on Batch No, Short Expiry Report, Schedule H Sale register etc. alongwith all standard features.
  • How AlignBooks is suitable for Garment Shop / Trading
    AlignBooks provides you features specific to Garment sector like Attribute i.e. Color, Size, Length management with every SKU, Barcode specific attributes, barcode based scanning and rate management along with Barcode SKU based reports and analyses
  • How AlignBooks is suitable for Mobile Trading / Shop business
    Serial No / IMEI based stock tracking is key requirement of this sector and AlignBooks provides you functionality to Scan and track IME no on every movement of material. Also you do not to create multiple SKU for different colors and data can be managed through color attributes
  • How AlignBooks is suitable for Tours and Travel Business
    In tours / Travels Billing , generally package are sold which have different items with different HSN code and Tax rate. AlignBooks Bundle Item functionality make invoice generation very easy for tours and travel agents.
  • Is AlignBooks suitable to Manage Banquet Hall accounting
    Yes, AlignBooks provides complete Booking management system along with Booking Calendar on web as well on Mobile. You can books different Halls, Banquet with different types of menu/packages with additional services and AlignBooks provides you complete tracking along with Booking wise expense and profit analyses.
  • How does AlignBooks work for Professionals
    AlignBooks non inventory item / Service Item functionality make it very easy for professionals to generate their invoice for different type of service invoice. Also auto scheduling option generate invoice periodically automatically and can be directly mailed to client based on periodicity set
  • What is special functionality for Grains/Pulses trading
    AlignBooks provides features to manage gross weight , tare weight system . Also provides facility to manage inventory in double unit i.e. you can manage every SKU in terms of Bags as well KGs with auto conversion as well actual conversion facility.
  • Can I generate Export Invoice in AlignBooks
    Yes , AlignBooks provides true multicurrency functionality and you can generate invoice in any currency and define currency conversion rate based on which automatically transaction will be managed both in base currency and transaction currency. Also while generating Export Invoice, just select invoice type as “Bonded Export” or “Non Bonded Export” based on which GST will be auto handled
  • How do I manage import purchases in AlignBooks.
    Managing import purchases in AlignBooks is very simple. AlignBooks provides facility to book invoice in the actual currency, manage GST input automatically and overload import expenses like clearing forwarding expenses, custom duty and other expenses on inventory. Simply select Bill type as “Import” while booking purchase and rest of the things will be automated.
  • Can I define PriceList / Rate List in AlignBooks
    Yes, you can have multiple Price List in AlignBooks for different categories of your customer. Based on customer selection and customer category, it will pick auto rates from relevant rate list based on customer category. This is also applicable in managing your purchase. Also you have flexibility to change rate at the time of invoicing
  • Can I send Invoice on Mail / Send intimation on SMS
    Yes , you can configure auto Emailing / SMS on new Invoice generation or modified or both. You can define your own template message. Also you have option to Email /SMS invoices manually
  • Can I manage multiple Invoice Series, separate for Export and Domestic Invoice
    Yes, AlignBooks provides functionality to manage multiple series for invoice or any other type of document. You can have as many series as you want and number can be generated based on series selected.
  • Can I have different Print formats of Invoice
    Yes, AlignBooks provides you facility to select multiple print formats from the range of invoice formats available and you can change the selected format in terms of your Name, address, Logo, extra description, GST No, PAN No etc.
  • Can I track Salesman / Sales Team /Agent wise sales
    Yes, AlignBooks provides functionality to Tag salesman / Agent with each customer and in sales invoice , sales man is auto selected based on customer selection and you have option to change salesman in the invoice. Based on this Alignbooks provides to several salesman / Agent based analyses on sales and purchase along with incentive report.
  • How TDS is managed in AlignBooks
    While creating vendor, you can choose if TDS will be applicable to this vendor and if you select yes, you can also select the applicable section under which TDS will be deducted. Based on this TDS JV will be automatically passed while booking invoice / making payment with option to change Gross / TDS amount. The section wise deduction report will also be available.
  • Can I track Inventory for multiple warehouses
    Yes, AlignBooks provides you facility to manage multiple warehouse in system and track inventory movements and stock availability for a single warehouse or combined for selected warehouses.
  • We have multiple offices how AlignBooks assist
    AlignBooks have inbuilt multi location functionality, you do not have to buy license or manage a different company to manage accounting / inventory at different location rather just create location under the company and generate all reports including Profit Loss a/c / Balance Sheet for the particular location or combined for selected location and even columnar report location wise. AlignBooks also provides functionality for inter location movement of materials for both the cases i.e. Locations are in different state and GST will be involved or Locations are in same state with same GSTN no
  • Can I create Extra Fields in Documents / Masters
    Yes AlignBooks provides you to create extra input fields in almost every document and masters along with the standard input fields. You can configure module wise Extra fields with different types like text, numeric, date etc.
  • Can I configure Approval / Authorization system
    Yes , on every document configuration , you have facility to configure approval system up to 2 Levels. Once document is generated, the same will be available on the dash board of the approving authority and can review and approve the same.
  • Can I have user wise restrictions for different options available
    Yes, you can manage user rights and access both in terms of options available as well as data for a particular or selected location. Alignbooks provides you complete user management system and you can create multiple users with different user access rights even limiting companies available to different users.
  • Can I import data from Excel
    Yes, Alignbooks provides you facility to import all types of Masters and Transactions through Excel. On every Master / Voucher , download Excel format option is provided, you can download format , put your data in that format and import the same into system , being it customer master or Item master or Sales Invoice or any other document
  • I have major Sales through Market Place Like Amazon , Flipcart etc, how to manage Sales
    AlignBooks Provides you specific Market Place sales option. In Sales GST Type, Select Ecommerce Supply and in Reference No – input the market place order no. In Customer , choose the market Place and if fulfillment is from Marketplace warehouse, you can choose relevant warehouse of the marketplace. End customer address can be mapped with shipping address and if end customer is registered dealer , GST No can be mapped with Buyer GST No. Special Payment module is provide for market place “Market Place Payment where you can put every detail of payment like settlement amount, reimbursement , deductions etc against each order. You can also import all market place sales and payment through Excel.
  • Can I configure Multiple Discounts / Levies in Sales and Purchase
    Yes – AlignBooks provides you to configure multiple discounts and other charges. Go to Sales or Purchase setup and you can configure both multiple discounts and other charges Line item wise as well document wise with calculations , tax impact etc as the configuration provides you flexibility to set the system as per your requirement in beginning.
  • Can I generate Party Account Confirmation and Mail directly
    Yes , In report section , under finance report – you can find option for Party Account confirmation, click on that and you will get options to input Period. AlignBooks provides both summary and Detail format, choose the relevant one . You can Print, Preview or directly mail to selected parties from here.
  • Can I generate Loan Account Confirmation and Mail directly
    Yes , In report section , under finance report – you can find option for Loan Account confirmation, click on that and you will get options to input Period. AlignBooks provides both summary and Detail format, choose the relevant one . You can Print, Preview or directly mail to selected Loan Accounts from here.
  • How to generate Payment Reminder for Customer
    You can generate Payment Reminders for Customers Print that , Preview on Screen or mail directly from system. AlignBooks Provides you three levels of Payment reminders i.e. 1) Summary Format where only net outstanding mail will be send 2) Bill to Bill Outstanding – in this case complete details of all outstanding bills will be printed 3) Ledger Format – in This case complete ledger for the given period will be sent to customer. Go the Reports – Customer – Payment Reminder for this.
  • Does AlignBooks Provides Ageing on outstanding for Customers and Suppliers
    Yes, AlignBooks provides you Ageing Analyses both for Receivables and Payables. The Ageing period is also flexible and you can set ageing period in setup based on which ageing columns will be auto generated. AlignBooks provides you ageing both on Bill to Bill payment basis if you are knocking payment with bill and on FIFO basis if you are not knocking payment with bill.
  • Can I generate Loan interest Statement from AlignBooks
    Yes , AlignBooks Provides you option to calculate and Generate Loan interest statement along with applicable TDS . Go to Reports – Finance – Primary Books and you will find option “Loan Interest Statement”. You can define interest rate and calculation type at the time of Ledger creation it self, you must chose “Yes” for Loan account when option asked while creating ledger under loan groups.
  • Does AlignBooks Provide Stock Ageing report
    Yes you can generate stock Ageing report, Under Reports – Item- Stock , you will find stock ageing report option. Stock Ageing is calculated on first in First out basis. Aging period is configurable and you can set the same in setup.
  • Can I choose Tax Inclusive or Exclusive in Rate on Invoice
    Yes, AlignBooks provides you option to configure Tax option in setup where you can choose “Inclusive” – if you follow a consistent rate system where rates are always inclusive of Tax, can choose “Exclusive” if rates are always exclusive and choose Document Based if you decide on bill to bill if rates will remain inclusive of Tax or Exclusive of Tax