Ease your mundane Accounting processes with AlignBooks Accounting Software

  • You want maximum outputs in minimum efforts.
  • You want real time accounts & transactions updates
  • You want clear accounting insights to take quick accounting decisions.
  • You want your sensitive accounting data to be in safe hands..or cloud!
AlignBooks provides Smart Accounting Solutions for both Professional Accountants & Naïve Business Owners

AlignBooks to ease your hefty Accounting Processes

Manage your accounts on your own
Be intuitive and smart accounts manager
Get approvals and invoices processed faster
Access and share updates within seconds

Interactive Data with Intuitive Dashboard

  • You too can do this

    AlignBooks is a smart accounting software even for the non-accountants. Be good at your core business, while AlignBooks accounting software keeps your business accounting needs covered.

  • Get started instantly

    Easy initial set up process of Alignbooks will ensure you fill all the necessary details of your business, so you don’t feel stuck configuring technical bits of complex accounting and compliance needs.

  • Digitally upgrade your accounts processing

    Digitisation has brought the world together. Digitally upgrade your accounts to keep it connected and aligned with daily business processes.

AlignBooks Accounting Software For Business Owners

  • Real time data upload

    Avoid multiple data uploads and save time with minimum resource consumption by minimizing work duplicacy.

  • Stay compliant & save on penalties

    Save on that extra business penalty which you had not included in your business expenses. Also why push your Accountant in last days of taxing if it can be done with zero expenses in real time.

  • Business will still be your passion

    Manage loss of time and energy in over consuming mundane tasks of accounting and bookkeeping. AlignBooks supports you by letting you have ample time to dedicate to what you love.

AlignBooks- A vision of Accountants & Developers

  • Powerful Accounting Software for Small Businesses

    Ease your Accounting mandates with double-entry accounting software solutions of AlignBooks.

  • Ensure accounting compliance requirements

    With smart inbuilt and automatised accounting calculations, AlignBooks ensures a healthy and compliant accounting solution for all small and medium sized businesses.

  • Monthly account report formats with easy approval features

    Fasten your approval processes by collaborative management and automatic report sharing features of AlignBooks accounting software.

  • Concurrent Business Mapping & Multiple Accounts Management

    Manage multiple business branches and their respective multiple accounts with just one simple cloud based accounting software.

Everything available at one screen

  • Generate quick invoices

    Have accounts and transaction data synced with invoice generation processes. With easy feature of online invoicing, AlignBooks accounting software provides you to generate quick invoices with synchronized client details.

  • Integrated Business Accounting Software

    Smart Alignbooks accounting software can do jobs of your multiple oursource partners hired for various departments management of stock, utility, billings, payroll and accounting.

  • Ease Online Auditing

    With easy AlignBooks Accounting software, you can have online auditing done with dedicated Auditor logins and Auditor Remarks column.

  • Built-in payroll accounting

    Alignbooks payroll accounting features provide you with easy recording of your employees' compensation including: gross wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, and so on that have been earned by your employees. withholding of payroll taxes such as federal income taxes, Social Security taxes, Medicare taxes, state income taxes, etc.

  • Integrate Accounting with Business

    Your Customised Standard Business software can be integrated with AlignBooks Accounting software to ensure smooth automation of accounting updates at each and every event.

AlignBooks Accounting Software for Chartered Accountants

  • Concurrent Monitoring

    A powerful package to minimize loads of Chartered Accountants. AlignBooks accounting software has come up with a concurrent monitoring and management system to look after multiple Accounts at one screen, which could be for various branches of one company, or for multiple accounts of different businesses.

  • Part time Accounting Management

    With smart and cloud based accounting software, a Chartered Accountant and devote time to its multiple business associates and have their accounts aligned with simplicity at one screen.

  • Time Management with reduced redundancy

    Synchronized data call and report generation along with minimized efforts in data uploads will ensure professional accountants to manage time smartly.

  • Guest Features for Accountants

    AlignBooks Accounting software allows your accountants and auditors to access company’s confidential accounts data with dedicated logins. With or without editable rights, accountants or auditors can hence guide the company team to improvise on accounts as need maintaining clear transparency.

  • Accounting compliance checklist

    Smartly calculated taxes, returns, invoicing, and transparent money transactions through Smart accounting features of AlignBooks software let one keep his/ her mind free from compliance calculations at every transaction.

Multi Language and Multi Currency AlignBooks works anywhere and everywhere

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