Integrate your Customers and Vendors within your system
Save time by managing day-to-day tasks with one tightly integrated system

Integrate your Customers and Vendors within your system

Thoughtfully crafted for retail counters

Pocket Friendly Customer Vendor Self Service In India
Alignbooks provides

Customer Vendor Self Service module

at no extra cost,
AlignBooks provides a Customer/Vendor Self-Service module at no extra cost. Your customers and vendors can directly login to the AlignBooks system for day-to-day requirements. Ask your customers to place orders from the system and the orders will be added directly into your data. Your customers can view and manage financial ledgers, bill outstanding details, bill printouts, and a complete analysis of their activity with you.
AlignBooks manages CVSS through a separate security layer which ensures that no customer or vendor can cross data access boundaries and are limited to their own data only. Logged in customers & vendors will have limited options available that are only relevant to them.
Trusted Customer Vendor Self Service In Delhi

optimised dashboard

will allow your customers and vendors to easily see
analyses of their

monthly activity through sales, purchases, receipts and payments