How to Connect your Razorpay Account
With AlignBooks
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Learn how to configure and Integrate your Razor Pay Account directly with Alignbooks.

AlignBooks has integrated with Razor Pay to provide a platform to manage to send links or QR Code generated from Razor Pay API on raising of Sales Invoice. QR code/link will appear on Invoice print (physical/digital) that will facilitate the customer to make an online payment for that particular invoice by using Razor Pay. Customers can make an online payment by scanning or clicking the link which will make the payment process quite easy for customers as well.

Prerequisites for integration of Razor Pay
  • Razor Pay Activated Account – if new to razor pay, click Create New Account
    (Activated account requires – Contact Detail, Business Details and PAN Etc.)
  • Alignbooks valid Subscription - if new to Alignbooks, click Register
Let's understand how to integrate your Razor Pay account with Alignbooks in simple steps;
From Dashboard, on right hand top corner Click on button then select to open the Company Setup. Select Integration Menu from left hand side.

Under Customer Receipts, In Razor Pay Section click on option to complete the Integration process.

In case you do not have Razor pay account click on button which will redirect you to the Razor Pay signup page.

To check the pricing policy of Razor Pay, click on

To complete the integration process, You have to mention the Razor pay Credentials in the window which will appear like this;

Credit Bank
Select the bank from the Drop down list which you want to integrate with Razor Pay. If the required Bank Ledger does not exist in the list, you can create a new Bank Ledger by clicking on Icon or option within the dropdown menu.

Merchant ID
Here Specify the your Merchant ID of Razor Pay Account.

Here Specify the API Key generated from the Razor pay Portal.

Secret API Key
Here Specify the Secret API Key generated from the Razr Pay Portal.

Click on this button to save the credentials.

Click this button to exit the Razor Pay Registration process.

You have successfully integrated your Razor Pay Bank Accounts with Alignbooks.

How do I get my Razor Pay API credentials?

You have to login into your Razor Pay Account to get the Credentials of Razor Pay API.

From Dashboard, click on “Setting” from menu and Click "API Keys". Now to get the API Key click on "Generate API Key" button to get the API Key and Secret API Key.

Note: Please save both the keys for your reference.

Your Merchant ID will be displayed under the profile section, click on Profile picture button on top right corner of Dashboard.

How to Generate Payment Link from Alignbooks and send to directly to Customer via SMS or print the QRCode in Sales Invoice.
  • From Sales invoice - while creating the Sales Invoice, select the option under Payment link as “Razor Pay”. After saving Invoice, if SMS is enabled then payment link will be sent in SMS for making instant payment. The same link will be printed on Invoice as QR-Code which can be easily scanned for the making payment.
  • Manage Outstanding – Enable the checkbox against each customer to which you want to send the outstanding detail via SMS and Select Payment Link as “Razor Pay”. The payment link for the outstanding amount will be sent in the SMS with the Payment link for making instant payment.

Auto Generate Receipt Voucher Entry in Alignbooks after success response for receipt from Razor Pay
When the Customer make the payment against the payment link / QR Code then after success response from Razor Pay, Alignbooks will generate receipt voucher with the complete transaction details shared by Razor Pay against the said invoice / Outstanding Amount as per link.
Happy Aligning!