Training Schedules
Learn how to use India's No.1 Accounting Software
We have created the following schedule to make it easier for you to train yourself our your employees at your convenience.

Our trainers are going to strictly follow the below given schedule & will ensure that you get the best knowledge & understanding about our software.
Level 1
Dashboard & Company Setup
Introduction of Dashboard widgets , Support Ticket/FeedBack mechanism. and detailed training of all the setups included in Company Setup

Level 2
Masters Creations and Transaction Creation
Item creation, Customer and vendor creation, transactions related to Sales & Purchase, Customer & Vendor payments, Expenses entries. Voucher and print configurations, Opening entries. Invoice functionalities like edit/delete/print vouchers.
Level 3
Reports, GST filling and User Management
Brief of some Basic Reports along with reports functionalities like Filter, Print and excel export. GST filling though JSON and direct upload. User creation with Data access rights.

Training Schedules
Time Monday
10:00am Offline level 1
11:00am Level 1
12:30am Level 2
2:45am Level 3
4:00am Level 1 English
5:30am Production Hindi
Time Tuesday
10:00am POS Hindi
11:00am Level 2
12:30am Level 1
2:45am Level 3
4:00am Level 2 English
5:30am Employee/Asset Module Hinglish
Time Wednesday
10:00am Offline level 2
11:00am Level 3
12:30am Level 2
2:45am Level 1
4:00am Level 3 English
5:30am Job work Hinglish
Time Thursday
10:00 POS English
11:00am Level 1
12:30am Level 3
2:45am Level 2
4:00am Production English
5:30am GST hindi
Time Friday
10:00am Offline level 3
11:00am Level 2
12:30am Level 1
2:45am Level 3
4:00am Employee /Assest Module English
5:30am CRM & CVSS Hinglish
How to join the training session:
You may join the session by simply using the G-meet link given below
Use this link
After Joining the session, please share your registered Company ID OR Company Code OR Registered Email OR Registered Phone Number in the chat section.