Keep up to date with AlignBooks New Features,
We invent every moment

Keep up to date with AlignBooks New Features,
We invent every moment

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22 Jan, 2022
Users can map the multiple Warehouses with Branch
Users can map the warehouses while creating a Branch. Once the mapping procedure is done, at the time of document/voucher generation, the warehouse list will be auto filtered So that users can opt for the flawless selection.
One Go Recalculation of Tax/ Taxable Amount after changing Tax Style (Inclusive/Exclusive)
Align books has enhanced the billing system, user can Edit the Tax style after selecting the multiple items and the software will auto calculate/u the values based on the tax style.
City Validation Remove from Customer /Vendor and POS Customer Master
Now, City input is not compulsory to save customers and vendors, they can be saved without the city option.
Unit selection in voucher now document-based-
Now a new option has been given in inventory setup that is “Dis Allow Unit Selection in Documents” By using this option one can limit the unit selection process while generating vouchers and made changes will be worked according to the configuration.
Stock measurement at 3 Level – Stock Unit, Pack Unit, and Grand Pack Unit
Users can set “Items Unit” up to “Three Levels” i.e. Grand Pack Unit, Pack Unit, and Stock Unit. For this, a new option “ Item Stock Unit“ is provided in Item Master & inventory Setup based on this configuration different permutations & combinations of the stock unit can be defined.
Regulate edit days for back-dated and Post-dated entries
While configuring the “Custom User”, Align books has provided the” Allow days Back/Postdate entry” option by using this, the admin user can limit the days for back & post entries.
While Invoicing/Billing Users can get the available serial no. list on just a click
Solution had option to scan IMEI no and generate invoice. Now at the time of sales invoice , the list of IMEI / Serial No balance will also be available and user can select multiple IMEI Nos and generate invoice on click, will be useful for those using this feature for Lot No / Bag No etc. where scanning not feasible.
In Batch Detail new master added “ Manufacturer Name” and now Batch Details are Configurable
In Batch Detail, a new field for manufacturer name is provided.
Now Batch details can also be configured, so if the users do not require any of the fields, for example- expiry/ mfg. date in batch detail can configure the same in the inventory setup.
Now, users can choose the Sale rate calculation based on Document Rate or Effective Rate, this option is only applicable on ”Sales Rate Based on Purchase Markup Percentage”
AlignBooks has given the option to set sale rates calculation based on purchase markup percentage. Now the configuration is given in sales setup to choose if the markup is to be applied on document rate of purchase or on the effective rate after considering all discounts and free quantity.
In Point of Sale Module- New Option Added “ Weighing”
Most advantageous option For Grocery, Super Marts & Retail outlets, the weighment counter for fruits, vegetables, etc. are different and dynamic barcode is generated and pasted for every such item and then at billing counter when the barcode is scanned, the quantity and item is picked auto. For the purpose of new UI, weight under POS is provided.
01 Jan, 2022
Multi-tab functionality and all forms/vouchers are in full-screen available now in Offline Version
In the offline version / Desktop application, users can use “Control B” to open all forms/Vouchers in full-screen mode.
For voucher Entry, the path can be predefine
AlignBooks came with a solution that in voucher user can define on which field the enter key should go next. Users can bill fast by skipping the unwanted field.
Packet Barcode Functionality Available
Users can utilize the dual functionality of packet & stock unit barcodes for the same item. This feature will ease out the scanning process for a single piece and packet.
Regulate your user’s work Hours and Days
With the option “Allowed Weekday” & “Time Restriction” an admin can regulate their users working hours & weekdays. This option can be configured at user creation from the Manage user
Italic font is used to differentiate for the sub party/Ledger from the main party/Ledger
While creating vouchers sub Party/Ledger will appear in italic at the drop-down / Selection list by this feature users can effortlessly differentiate with the main Ledger /Party.
Attachment option is available in email apart from voucher user can attach document also
In a click, the users can select the document attachment (pdf, excel file, pictures, etc) in an email
Get Bank details by providing IFSC Code
In Customer / Vendor Master, bank detail will be picked automatically by providing IFSC code
Category Selection on UI based on setup
Now at the time of invoice / Order / Dispatch and POS Invoice you can select the price list and rate will be picked accordingly . If price category is not selected then it will pick from Item master.
Bank charges will be added in the “Transfer Journal voucher”
Alignbooks Users can add bank charges amount in “transfer journal voucher “so that there is no separate voucher is required for bank charges. It’s not a mandatory field
Define Caption for IMEI/Serial
Now users can define the caption for the serial number through inventory setup and it will appear the same in the software interface.
The price list can be updated at the time of item creation
While Item creation, the price list can be updated by using this functionality user can create the item and update the price list at the same time.
Pull Data of Sale & Purchas Order /Bill from Other Alignbooks Account-
Associate and grow by using this feature mainly given for distribution channel & retailer network. Now Sales bill of the vendor’s Alignbooks account can be pulled as the purchase bill of the customer’s Alignbooks account and the Purchase order can be pulled as a sales order in just a click. Use this feature with authentication and data security parameters.
Users can make a replica of other company
Alignbooks users can copy company setup, Master data, and transactions from one company to another company.
Once processed, Expense Claims now can be adjusted/Edited by users. An additional option “GL Attribute” is added.
Based on suggestions, Alignbooks has given the right of modifying/delete expense claims even after it is being processed and in GL attributes option is also available now
Attendance/ Daily Attendance / Pay Process can be deleted -
In the employee module Monthly Attendance, Daily Attendance, and Pay process can be deleted.
Part wise, Brand wise Discount Option
Item Discount can be given brand-wise to multiple parties in a single list and accordingly the discount rate will be picked from the discount rate master.
Use short cut keys Ctrl+S, Ctrl+P, Ctrl+O, Ctrl+D in web application
Enhancing the product functionality by keyboard support users can use Ctrl+S for save, Ctrl+P for Print, Ctrl+O for Open, and Ctrl+D for delete in web application.
“Route Map” option for Field salesman’s
Excellent and unique “Route Map” option given in the customer master, user can define salesman and Route also and based on this setup by using “ Route Map “option which is available on the mobile application the users(salesman) can visit customer, book the order, mark the visit and collect the payment, etc. through their mobile application
Advance MIS of “Salesman Route Visit detail” –
The report is based upon Alignbooks’s “Route Map” feature. The report contains the details like the last visit, collection amount, verified Geo location, etc.
Advance MIS of “Stock Statement Pharma” for the Pharma Industry
The report is mainly designed for pharma industry users (pharma distributors) can submit reports to their principal company periodically & eventually. The report contains the details like opening stock, sold stock and expired stock, etc. Users who are using “Batch wise inventory” can also refer to this report.
Advance MIS for Import and Export Business “Vendor/ Customer Currency Fluctuation Gain/Loss”
Useful MIS for export and import business, while generating sales invoice/purchase bill software will pick currency conversion rate of that particular date, by using this report users can check their gain and loss for an outstanding bill of any period.
Stock MIS of “Stock Trial Transaction Type Wise”
This report gives the users an insight into the stock quantity according to the transaction type (Sale/Purchase, Issue/ Receipt) during the period and also includes opening and closing stock of the item.
Financial MIS of “Profit & Loss Statement Month-wise“
Informative & comparative financial analysis report wherein the users can analyze and compare month-wise sale, purchase, expenses, profit & loss.
Employee MIS of “ESI Return /PF Return” & “Employee Remark Register”
Now the Report of ESI and PF Return is available in Employee Module and Admin can also get a glance at Employees remarks.
Alignbooks Offline User can attach document links in SMS
An offline solution also has functionality in which they can attach the link of document and User’s Customer/ Vendor can download and view from the same.
Advance MIS for stock of “Stock Valuation Detail” with Credit Note/Debit Note Impact
For Lifo / Fifo-based stock valuation, users can now generate a detailed report like what all the stock is left quantity along with rate. The Debit Note / Credit Note impact on the rate is also included in this report
Item’s Multiple Attribute can be placed in a single line
An option is provided to users for the sale of a single item with multiple attributes (Size, Color, and Style) that can be placed in a single line.
In Customer/Vendor Master users can attach the document
Alignbooks has given the “Attachment” option in customer and vendor master wherein users can attach their customer‘s Vendor’s like Government ID, Company licenses, trade certificates etc.
08 Nov, 2021
Line Level and Batch Barcode System with Sales Rate implementation
an option is useful for FMCG (Retail and Distributors) industry, now at the time of purchase, the separate auto barcode can be generated to identify a different batch of the same item, and sales rate/ MRP can be defined for this barcode on the purchase itself. In inventory setup, configuration “Use Line Level optional Barcode (FMCG)” is provided for the purpose
Tax code Over-ride at threshold limit
for some of the Items / HSN, the government provides two tax rates on the same HSN based on the price of the product, particularly in the case of shoes and garments. For example, if the price is below Rs. 1000/= GST will be charged @ 5% while if price is above 1000/= , it will be @ 12%. Ideally, it should be MRP-based but the market is practicing this concept for the net price, and tax decision is taken after discount. Now in AlignBooks, while creating an item you can define threshold limit and override tax code and based on which system will auto change tax code based on the discount given and net price reached.
Print Branch Address in Report
Many enterprises are mapping multiple companies as branch/location and they want to print branch name and address while generating a report, in general, setup configuration “Print Location Address” is provided for the purpose
Based on Goods/Service setup, Place of supply
Generally, Place of supply is the shipping address but from GST perspective, if goods is supplied, the place of supply is always based on billing address state (the state where GST no is registered) while for services, the place of supply is an actual delivery place /state of services. For example, if we are registered at Delhi and we want our vendor to send electronic goods directly at Dehradun, the place of supply should be Delhi while if we are an event organizer and have registered GST no and office at Delhi but managed some event at Dehradun, the place of supply should Uttarakhand. We have provided the option in company general setup if the company is delivering Goods, service or both and in case one select both, again in customer master, we capture property if we supply goods or service to this customer and based on which place of supply is now auto picked at the time of billing. One always has the option to change the same at billing.
Inactivate customer from GSTN
As per the recent rule implemented on the GSTN server, if one has supplied material to GST registered customer (B2B) but the customer is GST Defaulter, he/she can not avail GST input and in GSTR1 all invoice need to submit as B2C invoice for such customer. In customer Edit List , we have provided option to activate / Inactivate customer as GST Registered and based on which , while generating GSTR1 , system will auto take case whether the invoice should be posted as B2B (Tax Invoice ) invoice or B2C Invoice.
Stock Min Level at dashboard
Now No of items going below minimum stock level is available on dashboard and on click you can get the details of all Items
Stock Update on Dispatch/GRN / Invoice / First Doc Option
Earlier stock could be updated on either dispatch or invoice based on setup but now one more option increased there i.e. First Doc. So now when you select ‘First Doc as option” , whenever dispatch is generated , stock will be updated but when invoice is generated and if any of the line is not pulled from dispatch for that line only , stock will be updated. The same option will work for GRN and Purchase Invoice
Bulk Invoice from Dispatches or Orders , Bulk Purchase from GRN or PO, Bulk Dispatch from Order and Bulk GRN from PO
Now Generating invoice is more easier for those who keep on sending material through dispatch challan and generate invoice periodically. Just click on option and all pending Dispatch list will appear, just select all dispatch against which invoice is to be generated and on a single click thousands of invoice can be generated against these pending dispatch. Similarly multiple dispatch against order , multiple GRN against PO , Invoice against Sales Order can be generated on a click
Route Map - on Mobile App
This is excellent and unique feature provided for distributors. They can now map Route (New Master can be created as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday… or Karol Bagh, Pitampura… etc ) With customer and salesman is already mapped with customer so now when user use mobile app , the route map will be available to user . When click on any route , list of all customers on that route will be displayed along with Outstanding balance, Ledger, Last Bill , Last Payment detail. User can just click and mark visit, book order and collect payment from there only – Most beautiful feature distributors.
Grid Column Configurable on Browser App in Entry Forms
Now User can drag/drop, change sequence, increase width of columns in grid of all entry form and save the same so that only relevant columns are visible and prioritise. Earlier this functionality were available in desktop app only now available in web app also.
New Mobile App – CVSS for B2B and B2C
  • Desktop Application - Grid column As applicable – Now only relevant columns will be visible.
  • Desktop App - Cursor on lookup auto after scan.
  • Batch Selection Window expired item and short expiry items highlighted with different colors.
  • Purchase - ref no duplicate verification on ref no itself – As soon number entered it will give alert if duplicate, earlier it was on save
  • In Receipt voucher and Payment voucher on Adjust now cell click , the balance amount will come auto and one can change the same as required
  • Auto Adjust In Receipt voucher and Payment voucher – Button click will adjust the amount on FIFO basis
  • Month wise Profit and Loss Report – New Report Provided
  • GSTR 2 A Reconciliation – Zooming and detail more smooth
  • On entry forms , Item with Balance List - category and Brand Filter also available
  • Stock Statement Report specific to Pharma trade given
  • Copy Company – Now option provided to copy configuration , Masters and Transactions from one company to another company . The option is very useful for customer Demo, you can now copy master and data from sample company based on type of trade.
  • Jobwork Invoice – option to pool data from Jobcard
Changes in Internal CRM
  • Training and Support Analyses Report – To keep watch on support performance
  • Dead Account Availability to Partner on real time basis, both for new prospects and expired subscription
  • Expense Claim, Approval and reports for field team
  • Daily Working , approval and reports for sales team
30 Aug, 2021
Brand wise SKU
Through this option , you will be able to classify items at brand level . While creating new SKUs you can define brand and At the time of price list creation , option will be available to select Brand and this way now you do not have to change complete price list when one brand price are changed, you can manage brand wise price list. The option will be very useful for those who are into distribution and dealing with multiple brand. Several reports can be generated for a particular brand or combined for multiple brand

You can now restrict product list availability to a particular user related to a particular brand related SKUs only. In data access level right new option – Restrict Brand availability is provided where you can select few brand to be restricted for the user and those brand products will not be available to user while generating invoice etc.

Brand Master can be created at the time of SKU Generation Implementation : In Company setup – Inventory setup – select yes for Manage Brand wise Product based on which options will be available in Item master, User data access and reports
Line Level Salesman
Now in one invoice (Both B2B and POS) you can tag multiple salesman at line level . Earlier option were available for tagging one salesman at header level only. The option will be useful for distributors having brand wise sale team in field and billing is done combined for one customer. The option will be useful for POS invoice also where multiple items are sold by different salesman

You can tag default salesman for a product while creating SKU and if you are managing brand wise product , can define default salesman at brand . The default salesman will be auto picked from Brand / Customer / Item as the case may be and you have option to change the same at document level.

All salesman reports are now changed and will be available as per option

Implementation : In Company setup – Sales Setup – Manage Salesman wise Billing – Choose proper option from – Not Required / Document Level / Item Level. Based on this option will be available in Item Master, documents

Integration with India Mart
The option will be useful to ERP customers using CRM module. The will be able to fetch all leads generated through India Mart on a button click.

Implementation : In Company setup – Integration , just provide registered mobile number and API key to be provided by India Mart. The API key generation document is available at

https://help.indiamart.com/knowledge-base/lms-crm-integration/ Based on this button will be available on Manage Lead UI to pull Led from India Mart
Suggested Item
Now while creating SKU , with every Item you can define suggested Items and at the time of billing when you click on suggested Item in grid , the same will be displayed. This will help in assisting push sales

Implementation : In Company setup – Inventory setup select use suggested Item , at the time of item master creation define the same and on billing , click on grid Icon to check the same
Pick and Pack / Prescription
While generating sales invoice or any other document, you can now save the item detail as pick and pack / prescription master for the items selected in the document. You have option to save this Pick and Pack master for a specific customer of generic and based on which the templates of selected items will be created, now next time when you generate invoice for same set of items , you do not have to select all items one by one, simple select the pick and pack and all items saved in template with quantity will be auto populated . The system is almost similar to the available feature of bundle item except that you have to create bundle item separately and not that much handy for some business like if you are in pharma retail and expect the same prescription will be repeated again and again , you can save the invoice as prescription for that particular customer and next time when customer visit again , list of all prescriptions of that customer will be displayed and select the prescription, all items will be populated auto. This generally happens for regular sugar / heart patient. Also you such prescription, you will be able to target customer reminder through SMS/ What’s app and emails message . the facility can also be used for books, example you can save class six books set as Pick and pack and later when someone ask to give class 6 books set select just pick and pack and all items will be auto populated.

We have provided lot quantity functionality also here so if the pick and pack / prescription is saved for 2 set / 15 days and now next time at the time of billing you want quantity for 3 set or 7 days, the quantity of each item will be adjusted automatically in billing
Report - Sales Order based BOM requirement – Material Requisition for manufacturing
4 of amazing MIS are provided to manage material procurement. Based on pending sales order, system will let you know purchase requirement both in terms of Finish material requirement as well as raw material and you can generate both summary and order wise detailed report.
New Variant – Offline Multiuser Multi Location with mobile
Offline app does not allow mobile app use as the mobile app connect with our cloud server only. Now we have provided option to connect mobile app with customers in house server. The License will be activated based on IP registered with AlignBooks only
New Variant – Offline – Lite
This offline variant is targeted for small sector and will be useful to those who do not have multi branch, multi-location, integration requirement. This is parallel to single user offline with few functionalities withdrawn as below. The version is targeted for Partner network only and to be avoided through digital sales.
Purchase return – Price/discount capturing based on batch no
Now all pricing and discount detail at the time of purchase return will be picked auto from purchase based on the selected batch number
Live location tracking on MAP – mobile app
New UI provided in mobile app in which live movement and tracking will be plotted on google map. The plotting can be seen for back date and selected / multiple users in one go
Daily attendance verification and approval
Now daily attendance can be verified, corrected and approved by HR on daily basis through system. The functionality will be very useful for our own company to keep track on daily attendance through system and will not be dependent on what’s app messages, attendance will be verified and approved on daily basis
Hierarchical Data access availability.
Now throughout system (Mobile App/ Desktop App / Browser App you can control data visibility for a user. In user data access rights, option is provided as Self/ Hierarchy or All data and based on selected option, all employee related data will be visible to a user either related to self or related to all team under the person or all data. Similarly, all Sales related data will be available based on salesman hierarchy and all generic vouchers will be available based on user hierarchy. Reporting to option is now available in all 3 masters i.e. User master, Sales team master and Employee Master
Info Widget
Amazing feature, now while generating sales invoice or purchase or Order or dispatch, from the document itself you can view

  • Customer Info
  • Last 6 Purchase detail
  • Ledger
  • Outstanding Ageing
  • Top 6 Item sold to customer

  • Item Info
  • Last 6 Transaction / Pricing Detail
  • Last 6 Transaction / Pricing Detail for customer
  • Ledger
Fast Billing
Similar to multiple item selection through item balance panel, one more icon on every Ui is provided to select multiple items and enter quantity there only and click on OK and the document will be generated on fastest mode. The functionality is useful to for those who have large number of items in one invoice and have structured rate and discount structure
Wanting Management
While generating invoice, sometime customer demand for a new item which is not available, and you may want to make it available for next time. Similarly, when you are selling items, you come to know that stock is about to finish, and you need to purchase it more. So, we have provided amazing facility to note down such requirement then and there only and later on can compile such requirements and place orders for the same. The procurement requirement can also be generated based on moved item in the period. This will ease out procurement process.
Promotion on B2B invoice
POS Now promotions can be applied in B2B invoice also Implementation : Company setup Select
Parent Child Company – Integration
Sales Order Generated in child company for parent company will be auto available as purchase order in parent company , similarly sales invoice generated in Parent company for child company shall be auto available in child company as purchase invoice